Saxtead School Of Dance is a dance school in Suffolk with ballet lessons from pre-school to advanced 2 level. We teach in Saxtead and Eye.

As a registered osteopath who specialises in the treatment of dancers and performers, I am delighted when I meet such a gifted dance teacher as Sandra Hartley. I have known Sandra for many years, and her understanding of the complicated mechanics of a dancer’s body is exceptional, as is her ability to safely work with a child who has physical limitations. With the extreme demands of the Art, it is rare to find young dancers with the ideal physique for ballet. However, Sandra is able to understand and work within their limitations, enabling them to tap into the multiple benefits of dance education.
— Margaret Papoutsis DO,Raw Dips (SN)(NT), MBANT,CNHC
I would just like to say a huge thank you! I have been dancing with you now for ages! You have always made laugh and always made me perform my best. Dancing is a joy and you make all the pains and creaking bones seem well worth it (which it is!) I hope I passed my exam to finally get me up into the next group and to make you proud. Thanks again my dear Sandra! Here’s to many more years of dancing!
So much love and care
Beth xx
— Beth Keys-Holloway

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